Want to give every room in your home that something special?  - all it takes is a little imagination and a willingness to experiment (and possibly some painting, decorating and DIY). 

Print Wallpapers look amazing, but even putting a DIY store buy around the whole room will add up. Instead, spend your money wisely by creating a panel of paper on the focal wall - such as on a chimney breast or behind a sofa.

Hang a big picture In a room with walls that are largely plain, a very big canvas or framed picture can have an instant effect. You can buy plain canvases from craft shops if you want to have a go at creating your own work of art. If not, stores such as Ikea sell paintings and photographs cheaply - or, better still, you might be lucky enough to pick something up at a boot sale or antique shops.

Hanging pictures in a way that draws attention to them is an art - but an easy one to learn. And you needn't spend a fortune to turn a plain wall into one with real punch. Cheap picture frames can look effective grouped together, as can those you may already own, but have never thought to combine.

Dramatic shade Using a dark or dramatic paint shade in a room will make a real difference to it. A bedroom is a good place to do this - darker shades are often too overpowering for a living space. Then, to finish the look, buy a new set of bedlinen with a glamorous feel. 

Bring out the Sun In a room that doesn't get much natural daylight, using a colour on the walls that will make it seem instantly bathed in sunshine can have a really positive effect on it. Choose a shade from the lighter end of the spectrum (strong yellows can seem quite dark in already gloomy spaces), and do all you can to improve the room's lighting, too.

Buy a bright rug Putting down a boldly coloured rug is often all it takes to turn a very plain space into one with wow factor. It helps, of course, if you can keep the rest of the space fairly plain but beautifully furnished